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Welcome to the Wells Wonder Women Unit!


Welcome to a whole new world of opportunities with your very own Mary Kay business!!! Please pay special attention to all the "First Steps" for new consultants, as many of the FREE benefits are time sensitive. I urge you to set aside an hour over your first 24-48 hours to dedicate to getting your business set up, regardless if you are working Mary Kay full-time or are just a personal use consultant. What you do with your business is your choice, but I hope that your decision is a well-educated one.


By this point, you should have received a Welcome Email from me, linking you to our InTouch community online. While you are waiting for your Welcome Packet and Starter Kit to arrive, here are 10 steps to get your business started off right, before your Starter Kit arrives!


  1. Listen to the Orientation Hotline, right now if you haven't already done so.
  2. Visit your Mary Kay InTouch website to set up your account. www.marykayintouch.com
  3. Open a seperate checking account with a credit card linked to it, designated only for your Mary Kay business.
  4. Begin listing everyone you know with skin. Talk with your Recruiter about scheduling your Kick-Off facial / skin care class. Once scheduled, let me know so I can send you a Kick-Off Checklist to ensure your debut is phenomenal.
  5. Complete Challenge #1: $24 to 24 in 48. Click Here for Tracking Sheet
  6. Complete Challenge #2: 10 in 2. Click Here for Tracking Sheet
  7. Complete Challenge #3: Pearls of Power. Click Here for Tracking Sheet
  8. Make an inventory decision about how you plan to service your customers. 48-hour decision makers receive a special prize from ME!
  9. Attend weekly training meetings and conference call trainings. See details under Calendar tab.
  10. OPEN your Starter Kit; watch the DVD and listen to the CD's. Be accountable to me daily with your business activity, via email / voicemail. From your activity, I will know how to match my time with your interest and efforts. Leave me detailed messages, so I will know how to call you back and coach you. You can reach me at 407-491-7914 or email me at: SWells2006@MaryKay.com.

Mary Kay Starter Kit





Click Here for the Full Channel





Inventory and Getting Started


All of the information you will need to make an inventory decision
and get your business started off right!


Welcome Packet

Ready, Set Sell Brochure

Inventory Bonus Chart

Inventory Options Worksheet

New Consultant Bonus Chart

Business Investment Comparison

Make Money with Your Business

Start Earning Now

Inventory Resources

Why Inventory

Credit Sourcres

Orientation Hotline


Click on the link below to listen to the Orientation Hotline within your first 24-48 hours.
You can also listen by calling 605-475-4848, Access Code: 605122#

Spanish Orientation Hotline :: 712-775-7099 Access 370233# Reference 52#

Orientation Audio


This is a 25-minute pre-recorded call. Plan for it. Have a pen and paper handy to take notes.
If you have your STARTER KIT opened, listen to the call with the READY, SET, SELL! Brochure handy. Then call me and let me know how you plan to service your customers. Feel free to ask me what I chose to take advantage of and what I did not. I will be completely transparent with you. Time is of essence!!! Mary Kay abundantly rewards DECISIVE WOMEN...so make the call today!


Orientation Videos


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Earn Your Pearls of Power in Your First 30 Days!


When you started your Mary Kay business, chances are there are 2 or 3 girl friends or female family members that you thought would:


  1. Have fun with this business.
  2. Be good having their own business.


So, whatever you're thinking....go with it! As a NEW Consultant, when you share the Marketing Plan....you get prizes! Make a list right now of 12-15 ladies you can call and ask to help you meet this first challenge.




During your first 30 days as a New Consultant, when you have the opportunity to earn your:


POWER PEARL EARRINGS - During your first 2 weeks, have 6 ladies listen to the Opportunity Hotline and complete a follow-up Survey with your Director. 641-715-3900 access code 904233#


POWER PEARL BRACELET - During your first 30 days, bring a total of 6 guests to our Monday Night Unit Training & Success Event @ Studio PINK.


POWER PEARL NECKLACE - When you add your 1st QUALIFIED TEAM MEMBER during your first 30 days!


TURN IN THIS TRACKING SHEET at your next Unit Success Event to receive your PEARLS!

New Consultant Training

Pink Passport PDF | Word

Cadillac Training Call
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays :: Pre-Recorded

641-715-3900, Code: 417611#

Take the time to call in from anywhere and get vital training for your business.  National Sales Directors love training conference calls to recharge their batteries, so if they call in.....I'm calling in, too!  Topics cover all the range of concerns you have in your business, so take the time to call in.  Invest your time in YOUR business with this simple method of training.


Recruiting Interview
Use this information to book and conduct
an interview about the opportunity

Interview Guide

Dare to Dream Booklet

Career At Any Age

Practice Interview Dialogue

Think Pink
Director Tracking Sheet
Mary Kay Marketing Game Cards
Magic Words to Recruit
10 Reasons to Begin Your MK Career

Sean Keys 4 Questions

Pink Marketing
Listen for Lipgloss

Pink Marketing v. 2

Information about Mary Kay
This information is great to give prospective team members so they can learn more about the company and opportunity.

7 Qualities for Successful MK Consultants

Summer Pilot Program

Fun, Fast, Facts
Starter Kit Flier





Opening & Conducting the Class
This information will help you open your class and
have a fun successful class.

Observing SCC Training Worksheet

Packing for Mary Kay Facial
Skin Care Class Outline

TW Repair Facial Instructions

Closing Your Skin Care Class
Everything you need to successfully close out the class and ask for the sale.

Closing Sale & Getting Bookings

"NEW" Placemat
Placemat Back

Close Sheet with TimeWise Repair

ClearProof & MK@Play Closing Sheet



Class Ideas
Great Ideas to Spice Up Your Classes & Parties.

Lip Kiss Analysis

Kiss Personality Placemat

Mary Kay Fun Cash

Mary Kay Cash

Spa Party Outline




Gift of Friendship

Gift of Friendship Sheet

How to Use Gift of Friendship


Color 101

Tic Tac Toe

Beauty Bash Cover


Basic Color Tips



Sampler Card Eye Bundles


Money Management
Use this information to help keep your business finance in order, focus on what activities will make you money, and get ready for tax time.

60/40 Split

Debt Worksheet

Budet Help

Money Management in Your Business

Weekly 5 Alive Plan